Women Wednesdays : SITUATIONSHIPS


Ladies let’s talk for a minute. Now we all know that as women we are built to want to care for someone, to have someone that we can say we love. We give a million and one chances to all the wrong people because we feel that our love and tenderness will be that push that men need to “change”. We believe that we are the antidote and with a little time and effort that we can make this boy into the “perfect man”, but guess what, days turn into weeks and weeks to into months. At this point  you expect to see some kind of improvement and you do. You start doing all the things couples do; going out to eat, having movie nights, cuddling and texting all the time. He’s doing everything you want him to do except what, COMMITTING. How many of you been thru this raise you hand … yeah I know so have I. He just needs a little more time right? Wrong! Those months turn into years and you are now in the same exact spot you were years ago. So what do you call your arrangement? You call it a SITUATIONSHIP. Those who don’t know what a  situationship is, it’s when you aren’t not just friends but you’re not in a relationship either, you’re that unsatisfied medium. Now lets be real no woman wants to be in a situationship, having sex and giving your all to receive only half of what you are looking for, but we tolerate it because we have that false hope that soon things will be different, things HAVE TO change because you already dedicate so much time and effort to this man. WELL HERE’S THE COLD HARD TRUTH! We as women have to learn to know when to let go, give a man the chance to realize what they have. You can’t force any man to be with you they have want that on their own. Sometimes people have to lose the thing they are so use to having to realize that that’s something that they not just want but need in their lives. Never settle for a situationship! We all deserve better! THAT’S LIFE “/.

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